Investment focus

Sustainable residential real estate (rental apartments) in Riga, Latvia built by the leading real estate developers


100% invested in sustainable residential buildings with high energy efficiency and compliant with the EU Taxonomy for sustainable finance

Fund units

Fund manager registered with the Bank of Latvia, Fund units registered with the Nasdaq CSD

Product structure

Closed-end Alternative Investment Fund (EU AIFMD) with a 5-year expiry

Minimum investment

20 000 EUR

Target fund return

~9-10% total IRR return*

Stable income and growth strategy


  • Residential real estate has lower volatility than commercial properties and strong historic long-term returns
  • Stable income achievable via operational efficiency and rental market growth
  • Economic segment new development residential apartments exhibit very strong demand fundamentals
  • New development supply in the economic segment is not keeping pace with the growing demand, positive implications for long-term rent and capital value growth


  • Invest in newly developed quality economic segment residential apartments with high energy efficiency developed by highly reputable real estate developers
  • Ensure operational efficiency to maximize income returns, and minimize vacancy risk with a strong consumer brand for the rental market
  • All investments aligned with EU Taxonomy for sustainable finance (EU 2020/852) which reduces bank financing costs  





Hanseatic offers investors the potential for

  • stable income by generating rental income from properties in its portfolio
  • capital growth by investing in properties that appreciate in value over time
  • inflation hedge by increasing rental income and property values over time
  • diversification by reducing the risk of relying on a single property or tenant

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KEY TERMSHanseatic sustainable residential real estate fund I
Investment universeSustainable residential real estate (rental apartments) within Riga, Latvia
SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD3rd of June 2024 – 28th of February 2025
Expiry5 + 2 years (optional) 
Product structureClosed-end fund (EU AIFMD) managed by Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFP) registered under Bank of Latvia
ISIN CODELV0000401065
Target product Size (GAV, NAV)GAV > €20m, NAV > €10m
Fund advisorStarlex.Investments
Total return target*~9-10% total IRR return
Income distribution target*Yearly dividend
Minimum investment20 000 EUR for investors
FeesFund management fee of 1.5% from NAV, Entry fee of 1.5% from investment
*Target returns are offered as strategy goals and are not referenced to past performance. There can be no guarantee the target returns will be achieved.

Investment Fund Advantages

  • Wide Range of Tenants: The fund includes a broad spectrum of tenants, which reduces the impact of any single tenant’s non-payment risk. This diversification helps stabilize rental income and ensures a steady cash flow.
  • Variety of Developers and Locations: By investing in various projects developed by different developers and located in diverse districts, the fund spreads risk across multiple fronts. This approach minimizes the impact of local market fluctuations, economic changes, and other location-specific risks.
  • Larger Portfolio of Apartments: Managing a more extensive portfolio allows the fund to reduce management costs per unit, benefiting from economies of scale. This efficiency translates to higher net returns for investors.
  • Advanced IT Solutions: The use of advanced IT solutions, such as a customer portal and mobile application, optimizes management processes. These technologies improve tenant communication, streamline rent collection, and enhance overall operational efficiency.
  • Effective Marketing Strategy and Professional Management: The fund employs a comprehensive marketing strategy and professional property management services. This combination attracts a broad tenant base, ensures high occupancy rates, and maximizes rental income. Professional management also maintains property standards, enhancing long-term value.
  • Pooling Resources: By pooling resources from multiple investors, the fund can participate in larger-scale transactions that would be challenging for individual investors to access. This collective investment approach opens doors to high-value opportunities.
  • Exclusive Deals and Negotiation Power: Access to larger or exclusive real estate deals provides the fund with significant benefits. Economies of scale and greater negotiation power allow the fund to secure better purchase prices, favorable terms, and higher quality properties. These advantages lead to enhanced investment outcomes and potential for higher returns.
  • Professional Expertise: Investors benefit from the expertise of professional fund managers who have extensive experience in real estate investment and management. This professional oversight ensures that properties are acquired, managed, and maintained to high standards, optimizing returns and reducing risk.
  • Liquidity and Flexibility: While direct real estate investments can be relatively illiquid, fund investments often offer greater liquidity and flexibility. Investors can enter and exit the fund more easily compared to buying or selling physical properties.
  • Compliance and Transparency: The fund operates under stringent regulatory frameworks such as the EU AIFMD and is also registered with Nasdaq CSD, ensuring high standards of compliance and transparency. Investors can trust that their investments are managed ethically and in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Sustainable Focus: Our fund is committed to investing in sustainable, energy-efficient living spaces that comply with EU Sustainability Taxonomy regulations. This focus not only aligns with growing market demands but also contributes to environmental sustainability.
  • Strategic Location: Riga, Latvia, offers a dynamic real estate market with significant growth potential. Our focus on this region allows investors to capitalize on emerging opportunities in a strategically important location.
  • Proven Track Record: Hanseatic Alternative Investments AIFP has a proven track record of successful real estate investments. Our experienced team and established network ensure that we can identify and secure high-quality properties that deliver strong returns.