Hanseatic Launches Its First Sustainable Residential Real Estate Investment Fund (Bloomberg)


Hanseatic Alternative Investments AIFP (Hanseatic), an alternative investment fund manager registered and regulated by the Bank of Latvia under EU AIFMD, has announced the launch of a sustainable residential real estate alternative investment fund in Latvia. The fund is designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable assets compliant with the EU Taxonomy in the rising interest rate environment. The Hanseatic Sustainable Residential Real Estate Fund will focus on energy-efficient rental apartments that comply with the EU Taxonomy and will seek to make a positive impact on the environment while generating returns. The residential real estate market in Latvia faces a significant challenge of providing affordable energy-efficient housing to meet the needs of tenants.
The Fund’s investments will be diversified across different districts in Riga, Latvia, providing exposure to a range of energy-efficient residential assets. “We are thrilled to launch the Hanseatic Sustainable Residential Real Estate Fund. Our focus on sustainable assets and compliance with the EU Taxonomy aligns with the growing demand for sustainable investments. The fund seeks to acquire residential properties that are equipped with modern heating and cooling systems, insulation, and energy-efficient appliances, which can lead to lower energy bills for tenants,” said Arturs Miezis, Managing Partner, Hanseatic Alternative Investments AIFP.
The Hanseatic Sustainable Residential Real Estate Fund is also intended to be registered with a local central securities depository, which will provide a secure and transparent platform for trading the fund units.